Why She Lost

OK, I’ve read enough. Race, economic messaging, rural backlash, apathy, analysis day and night, down my street and up your block. Most pundits and analysts have now concluded that Hillary Clinton lost a winnable race because of what she said and did.

That conclusion completely ignores the avalanche of carefully orchestrated fraudulent “news” that filled millions of people’s Facebook feeds and Twitter re-tweets.  2016 was the first election in which social media was manipulated to create a completely fraudulent reality.  In that falseness, amplified by Wikileaks, Comey, and Russian propagandists working covertly, Hillary was about to be indicted, had FBI agents killed, was running child pedophilia rings, was about to die, had dementia, etc ad nauseam. Couple this with the nationwide voter suppression operations run by republicans controlling red states and virtually ignored by the corporate media (whose only interest was “the horse race”) and you have your the answer to “How could she lose?”

Until the massive propaganda operation that brainwashed millions of easily swayed (aka stupid) Americans is accounted for, any other analysis is pointless.

One thought on “Why She Lost

  1. Great remarks on your blog here Mark, and I completely agree with all your thoughts. Historians will write for years about why HRC lost this election. I fight the urge to hope the third-party voters are kicking themselves for making a statement against HIllary, which should seem so ridiculous now given the resulting “alternative “. I will always believe she was the true choice of the voters, which is the only thing that gives me hope for the country. That and the fact that the youngest voters were in our corner. But man, as an avid reader of history I know all great nations eventually decline, and I really feel what is happening now puts us on that course. I am equally frightened by the fact that I am disgusted by so many fellow Americans for their ignorance, and that they are disgusted by what they think is mine. We are as divided as we were before the Civil War in my opinion.

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