We’re All Riding Without Seat Belts

So…the avalanche of Trump lies and attacks on the press—the people who are constitutionally charged with calling out official lies–continues daily. So far, he has specifically attacked CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the network anchors, and anyone who has ever questioned him about the lies he tells every day as a matter of course. He tweets that “millions of people voted illegally.”A lie. But his people believe it. He tells his audiences that he “won in a landslide.” A lie–he’s now officially 2 1/2 million votes behind Clinton in the popular vote.

Every day in every way it gets worse and worse. In just the past two days, El Douche has: worried India by saying he’d visit Pakistan, invited the murderous Phillipines President Duterte to the U.S., and pissed off China by speaking to the President of Taiwan. He’s like a drunk, pampered teenaged girl about to take the keys to her dad’s Porsche– he’s going to text and drive us all off a cliff. He avoids security briefings, ignores the State Department and any contact with actual diplomats who know something about our relationship with other nations, and seems to have no clue whatsoever about the gravity of the office he’s about to assume.

This is like living in some kind of dystopian nightmare, people. Is it possible that a rational, functioning democracy that had been chugging along for the past eight years recovering from near financial collapse, solving problems (with zero help from republicans), getting people access to health insurance, improving employment, growing the stock market, and actually improving its standing in the world among other nations could suddenly–in a space of a few weeks– be teetering on the edge of complete moral and political collapse?

He’s appointing the absolute worst of his sycophantic followers—climate deniers, anti-women jerks, anti-LGBT cement heads, anti-Muslim assholes, homophobic morons, white nationalist Nazis, anti-Semitic neanderthals, Wall St. hacks, rapacious bankers, hard line generals, anti-science freaks—to cabinet level positions and offices literally right down the hall from the Oval Office.

But hey, he might become the first U.S. president to open a resort in Taiwan, and if that doesn’t contribute to American greatness, I don’t know what will.

Drink up, Shriners.

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