No Moral Compass

I watched in utter fascination today as VP-elect Mike Pence sat with George Stephanopolous on ABC and staunchly defended to the world his boss’s right to lie to the American public. He actually called it “refreshing.” I’m linking to this article by Hunter on Daily Kos, because I want to make sure I keep it for future reference as a road sign–a marker– of where we were at this point in the historical record. Pence represents how far the nation has fallen, how far beyond reality we’ve allowed our public discourse to stray.

It’s been clear for months that Trump is a pathological liar. His followers loudly claim they don’t care. This interview with Pence makes it clear that Trump has gathered around him a coterie of cynical, ruthless, unscrupulous and malevolent politicians who will gladly look into the camera and back their boss in any lie about any subject. This is an astonishing development in this country’s political life. We can’t ignore it or downplay it as business as usual. It’s as Orwellian as it gets.

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