A Sad, Hilarious and Chilling Look Into the Minds of Trump Voters – the Alternate Reality As Revealed By a New PPP Poll Coming Out Tomorrow

A new PPP poll coming out tomorrow has some laugh-till-you-cry stats, but I can’t wait till then to preview them. So here’s a peek into the mind of TRUMP VOTERS nationwide, sit back and be afraid…..


51% of the nation has as UNFAVORABLE view of Trump

50% of the nation has a FAVORABLE view of Obama

90% of Trump voters have an UNFAVORABLE view of Obama

Under Obama, the stock market has gone from 7949 to its close today at 19615, more than doubling during his Presidency. But 39% of Trump voters think it has DROPPED during his time in office.

Unemployment under Obama has dropped from 7.8% to 4.6%, and most of America seems to know this. 74% of Clinton voters know it. But 67% of Trump voters think it has gone UP.

Clinton currently holds a nearly 3 million vote margin in the popular vote. 40% of Trump voters think he WON the popular vote.

60% of Trump voters think millions of illegal voters voted in this election.

73% of Trump voters think that George Soros is paying protesters to march against Trump.

29% of Trump voters think votes from California shouldn’t have counted in this election.

And finally, and most scary of all, a big majority of the nation’s voters thinks Trump should immediately release his tax returns, including 92% of Clinton voters. But a full 59% of Trump voters say NO HE SHOULDN’T.

They don’t want to know. They don’t want to find out if he’s corrupt, if he has dealings with Russia, if he’s ever paid taxes, what his business relationships are. They don’t care.

There it is. The alternate reality of the Trump voter. These are the people he’s counting on to support whatever damage he undertakes to do in the next four years. Now you know—statistically— what we’re dealing with.



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