Here’s what I heard in bars and restaurants in Florida and Minnesota before the election:

“How can you vote for Clinton when she gave all those speeches to Goldman Sachs?”


“She talked to Goldman Sachs—she’s doesn’t qualify to even RUN for President.”


“Hillary sucks—she’s corrupt—she’s in bed with Goldman Sachs.”


“How much did she make for those speeches? I want the transcripts!”


“At least by voting for Trump I won’t be giving the keys to the treasury to Goldman Sachs.”


“Trump says it’s either him or Goldman Sachs, I know who I’m voting for.”

I heard that. A lot. Hey Trump Chumps, your con man now has THREE of those Satanic Goldman Sachs boys in his incoming administration, he’s not done yet, and all I hear from you is crickets. Fucking crickets. You still think he gives a rat’s ass about your financial future?

Congratulations, you rubes. Good luck with your health insurance, your social security, a decent life for your gay sons and daughters, and your tax bill.



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