The Russians Did It, We Knew, and the Republicans Stonewalled Telling Us Before the Election

Hair on fire moment in history. The next couple of months will be INTERESTING.

In light of the bombshell article in the Washington Post today revealing the CIA knew that the Russians hacked the DNC and meddled in the election trying to get Trump elected, Trump is now trashing the CIA.

It’s time to find out: who’s pulling Trump’s strings? Is he working for the Russians against the interests of the U.S.? How connected is he to Putin and the Russian government? Trump is about to appoint Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, as his Secretary of State. He’s at the top of Trump’s list according to the Trump transition team. Tillerson has never held another job outside of Exxon, he started working with the company in the 70s. Tillerson is a longtime friend of Putin’s, met with Putin at his private vacation home to sign a 500 billion dollar deal–BILLION– to blend the biggest state-owned oil company in Russia (ROSNEFT) with Exxon, and operate more than 20 new oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Putin also awarded Tillerson Russia’s highest medal given to non-Russians, the Order of Friendship.

Wow. A stolen election, a man about to be sworn in as POTUS whose connections to our country’s biggest foreign enemy are as yet unknown (he refuses to reveal his tax returns), the CIA proving the election was hacked, Goldman Sachs and Exxon about to manipulate the economic direction and policy of the country with the approval of an avowed friend of Russia—the President-elect— holy fucking shit. This sounds like the plot of a James Bond movie that was rejected as too preposterous.

When the White House called a secret meeting last September to reveal what the CIA knew, they asked congressional leaders for a bipartisan rejection of any Russian involvement in the election–to reassure the public that the election would be above board. Mitch McConnell refused, and told Obama that he would consider any discussion of Russia trying to get Trump elected as partisan politics. As a result of Obama trying to walk a fine line between alarming the nation and being accused of partisan politics during an election, we all went to the polls ignorant and in the dark about the scope of the Russian hack. FBI director Comey–a Republican– jumped in with “Clinton email alerts”to further tip the scales ten days before the election. For McConnell’s loyalty, Trump named his wife to a cabinet position.

Tillerson, Trump, Putin, Manafort, Bannon, McConnell, Comey— the cast of characters is like a coffee klatch for the Kremlin.

Keep your eyes open and watch who fights any investigation, that will tell you who the guilty parties are. And right now Trump and his cronies are fighting tooth and nail to cover it up.

Anybody longing for the days when our biggest worry was what Hillary might be emailing to Huma Abedin?

Holy fucking shit.

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