Oh Come On, You People Are All Overstating the Problem Here: A Contrarian’s View

Come on, you are all over-stating the seriousness of the Trump business conflicts of interest.

True, he is dancing with dictators and murderers.  True, other governments can blackmail the USA now, by leveraging threats to Trump’s business empire.  True, his business interests lead to him to conflicts with private not-so-rich citizens, where he uses eminent domain to condemn their property for his business use..and now will possess vast powers to do more of this damage.  True, he parleys with Putin, now owing his Presidency to Russian interference, and thus will ignore Russia’s invasion of Crimea, and subsequently ignoring other aggressive acts.

Further, it is certainly true that Trump and his business associations with these other ‘dictators’ threatens massive human rights violations. Trump’s business interests– and now his cabinet– align themselves with climate deniers who will eventually devastate the environment, perhaps making it uninhabitable, while spewing ignorance all the way.

And true….wait. What was my point?

Dang, I guess you all may have actually UNDERSTATED the threat to human life, human rights and the environment that the Trump business empire presents to the people of the USA.

My bad…

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