Good Lord. “Unpresidented?”

By now everybody’s seen the tweet from the Mango Mussolini where he made up a new word: unpresidented. If you try typing that into a text, spell check will change it to the actual word this dim, dangerous dumbass was searching for when he embarrassed himself worldwide yet again.

Unpresidented. It rolls off the tongue. Not just an alternative to “not my president,” but an alternative that includes all the “un” that defines Trump. Unqualified. Untruthful. Unreliable. Unjust. Uncouth. Unkind. Unconscionable. Unimaginable. Unbearable. Unconscious. Unacceptable. Unpresidential.

As John Fuglesang said, “Nixon was evil but he wasn’t ignorant. W was ignorant but he wasn’t evil. The incoming combo is unprecedented.”


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