It’s Time To Call Them On This

Until we reach the point where we have stronger democratic institutions, we must rely on the ones we have to protect us from our enemies, domestic or foreign. Leaders are required to take an oath to do that.

In order to be a sovereign nation, we must be in charge of our own electoral processes. To have a foreign nation commit crimes in the furtherance of its efforts to elect its chosen puppet denies our ability to self-govern and must be challenged. And while our Congress willingly spent millions of dollars and wasted hundreds of hours examining a tragedy overseas (Benghazi!), it seems oddly reluctant to take even a cursory glance at the theft that has just occurred here at home.

Do our Republican representatives care at all about the principles outlined in our Constitution, the one that they insisted upon reading aloud on the floor of the House? Or was the Constitution only of use when there was a black man in the White House? The GOP has successfully made even the routine business of the House a partisan issue—should they now be allowed to make the Constitution, written to protect the rights of all Americans, a partisan document?  Do its restrictions only apply on a partisan basis?

The subversion of our sovereignty by Vladimir Putin and his cronies has resulted in the first Cabinet ever selected specifically to grant the president-elect’s every wish and make all of his dreams come true. So why is the party of Ronald (Evil Empire) Reagan allowing our government to be run by a foreign power? Is their hunger for winning being allowed to trump their duty to preserve and protect the Constitution?

It is time to call them on this. And it is up to us to do it, since it appears no one else will.

–Susan Grigsby

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