What Are Democrats Prepared To Do?

by Ian Reifowitz

Why do Democratic presidents only get to have their Supreme Court nominees considered for three of the four years of the term to which the American people elected them, but Ronald Reagan got a nominee not only considered but approved in his final year, by a Democratic Senate no less?

Why do Democratic candidates for president have to win the popular vote by a boatload to overcome the structural advantage Republicans have in the electoral college?

In the run up to elections, when a foreign power seeks to interfere by supporting one candidate, why do Democratic elected officials go out of their way to avoid looking partisan, while Republicans take every opportunity to advance their party?

Why do Democrats appoint Republicans to sensitive positions in the executive branch—even those that can act to influence the next election—but Republicans do not reciprocate?

Why are Republicans able to win veto-proof majorities in a state legislature when more voters chose a Democrat in that year’s elections. Read that again and think about how absolutely undemocratic it is.

Why do Republicans have no compunction about essentially undoing the results of an election for governor by stripping the office of much of its power in a lame duck session?

Republicans play by one set of rules, and Democrats by another. That’s not how a democracy is supposed to work. Our democracy isn’t working. To paraphrase what Sean Connery’s dying character said in The Untouchables: “What are democrats prepared to do?”

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