USA Today Exclusive: Trump Doesn’t Pay His Bills

I wanted to post this well-researched piece showing the Con Man in Chief’s history of stiffing contractors throughout his business life. Hourly workers, painters, dishwashers, bartenders, vendors, employees, sub-contractors, realtors, business partners, it made no difference. At one point during the construction and completion of the Taj Mahal casino in New Jersey he owed almost $70 million in unpaid bills to over 250 contractors.

I’ve known people like this in my business life. They make a judgment whether or not you have the balls and/or the resources to fight them, and if they think you don’t, they simply ignore the contract, stiff you, and see what happens. Often they get by with it. They outlast you. They pay lawyers whatever it takes to “win.” And if they have to settle, they seal the details contractually so you can’t talk about it later.

This is the guy. This is who he is. Makes you sick to your stomach, but in three weeks he’ll be installed in the White House. Unfuckingbelievable. Click on the link below to read the nauseating details.

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