McConnell is shocked—SHOCKED!–that Dems may block his SCOTUS nominee

Read this. It’s funny. McTurtle is now claiming that it would be IRRESPONSIBLE for the democrats in the senate to block any republican SCOTUS nominee, after he refused for almost a year to even consider Obama’s nomination of Garland to fill Scalia’s seat. It’s so perfectly Republican in its blatant hypocrisy, like no one is supposed to recall what he and the republicans just did: literally steal a Democratic president’s legitimate SCOTUS nominee. Read this brief summary and then read the reaction from Flycaster I’m reprinting from the comments section at Daily Kos, it’s some of the best purple prose I’ve come across this week.


Comment from Flycaster:

“What a dumb ass. Seriously. Dunce cap that fuckmonkey already. Did you really think we’d let your shit for eight fucking years slide you unsufferable shit weasel? Fuck no. You gave us the play book on just how to fuck up, stall, delay, deflect, carp, whine , critique, deny, anything and everything the republicans want to do by doing it yourself for eight years. Trump is a one term president who will probably be impeached before his term is up for treason. We can do that to you and your precious agenda for as long as it takes for you to see reason. Not that you ever will. So the democrats are more than happy to return the favor and you are having a tantrum about it? STFU Mitch you chinless goat molester.”

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