Fuck you, America

This is Trump’s single, overarching message for the nation, and it’s as simple as it is deafening:

“Fuck you, America. I won. I conned you all, and I now am going to do whatever I want. I will obey no rules, laws, whiny ethics committees, popular votes, congressional regulations, media guidelines, conflict-of-interest boundaries, historic precedent. Why should I?

I have no filter, no real plan, no fresh ideas, no crisis management strategy, no moral compass. Who needs it? The presidency is now mine to do with as I please, and I will piss all over it like a dog on your favorite carpet.

Know this now, America: I am not here for you. I am not here for peace, or democracy, or our collective success, or the working classes, or anyone else.

I am here only for revenge and to further expand my own wealth, and the world is my punching bag. Thank you for coming, and you may now all feel free to go to hell.”

Resistance is nigh.

–Mark Morford

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