Take my $22.36 a year…please

Take my $1.37… I want my PBS.

Take my $.46… I am all for federal funding of art programs.

Take my $.46… I love my museums, colleges, and libraries.

Take my $.11… I support developing minority businesses.

Take my $.66… I am for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Take my $1.60… I want us to export more goods overseas.

Take my $0.43… I would like to see more American manufacturing.

Take my $0.88… I think community policing needs vast improvement.

Take my $1.48… I support programs for women.

Take my $1.55… I believe in due process for all.

Take my $0.48… We need a civil rights division in the justice department.

Take my $0.38… I think we need to defend our Mother Earth.

Take my $0.03… I know more work needs to be done for climate change.

Take my $8.95… because we need more sustainable energy.

Take my $2.71… we should reduce our carbon footprint.

If saving these programs means I’m out $22.36 a year, I’m good with contributing my $.07 a day to save American jobs and these federal programs.

[Numbers taken from a report in Time about what the roles of the 17 federal agencies the Orange Douche has threatened and how much they cost the average taxpayer]

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