How Would Republicans React To Obama Doing The Same Thing, Episode #2284

A play in 1 act:

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: In consultation with no federal officials and for no reason, I’ve decided America will now be preferentially admitting Muslim immigrants from Muslim countries.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS: This is fine. The president has broad authority over immigration policy and we can think of no objections here.

OBAMA: I was originally going to bar all non-Muslim visitors to the United States but my staff informed me that would violate American law. I instead instructed my staff to create an executive order that would do as close to the same thing as we believed we could get away with.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS: That is a very clever move, and we fully support it.

OBAMA: Nevertheless, the United States attorney general has now informed me that my secretly crafted order intended to circumvent American law still violates American law and that the Department of Justice will not defend it in our courts, so I have fired the attorney general and placed a new one in charge who will defend my order regardless of whether Justice Department staff finds it to be legal or not.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Since you are the sitting president and your executive orders override American law anyway, we fully support this and have no qualms with this situation.

OBAMA: I also used your own House staffers to write the order and made them sign nondisclosure agreements so that they wouldn’t inform your leadership what was going on. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just messing with you.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS: That sounds reasonable.

OBAMA: The courts have now issued orders barring my departments from enforcing my policy because it violates existing law, so I have instructed those departments to ignore the Judiciary Branch, mention of which I have now removed from the White House website in what may or may not be an apparent act of buffoonish pique by members of my staff, and ordered them to continue enforcing my new policies regardless of whether they have federal court orders to the contrary.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Thank God we have such a reasonable president in office, and not a tyrant who usurps our own authority and casts aside even the rule of law.

REP. JASON CHAFFETZ: Let us all raise a glass and toast our perfectly reasonable president, who is not himself a secret Muslim and who is exercising his authority in unremarkable ways that we could not possibly object to.

REP. PAUL RYAN: Yes. Let us all toast the president, who has unbridled power to craft executive orders regardless of our opinions, the opinions of the entire rest of the federal government, or the legal orders of sitting federal judges.


—-Hunter, Daily Kos

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