People ask me “How can you think Donald Trump is racist?” Well, there are the obvious and well-known facts, that the first time he was mentioned in the New York Times was when he was sued by the Justice Department for denying housing to blacks and Hispanics; that he took out a full page ad in the NYT demanding the death penalty for five black teenagers who were later exonerated; that he spent years insisting that Obama wasn’t born in this country; that he kept calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” because she’s part Native American; that he wants a Muslim ban; that it took him days to disavow the Ku Klux Klan after they endorsed him; that he took a jab at Jeb Bush over his Mexican-born wife; he condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matters protester; he said a Latino judge couldn’t preside over his fraud trial because of his ethnicity—so there’s evidence that he’s said and done racist things. But most people have never heard the OTHER lesser-known facts that prove that


– You can’t play UNO with him because he won’t give out any green cards.

– He called for the execution not only of the Central Park Five, but also the Jackson Five.

– When he heard there was going to be a black James Bond he demanded to see his long-form license to kill.

– He not only objects to a black James Bond, he objects to a black James Brown.

– His crosses burn themselves.

– When he types “how to be” into his browser it autocompletes “more racist.”

– He writes Birth of A Nation fan fiction.

– He uses the Dred Scott decision as foreplay.

– He won’t even leave the house on Black Friday.

– He likes to read Mein Kampf while making love, even though Ivanka isn’t into it.

– He wants fabric stores to have a muslin ban.

– He’s building a wall around Taco Bell and getting Chipotle to pay for it.

– He hates Hitler for working with the Japanese.

– He put a travel ban on Dora the Explorer.

– He wants an embargo on Mark Cuban.

– His favorite song is “I’m Dreaming of A White Kwanzaa.”

– He thinks Arab Spring is a Saudi deodorant and Rwanda was JJ’s sister on Good Times.

– He only dyed his hair that color for General Custer cosplay.

– He voted for Donald Trump.

————————-[Thanks to John Fuglesang and Frank Conniff for the above]

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