STUPID Speaks, Listen Up Everybody

Finally. Someone has explained why conservative economics have been failing ever since Ronald Reagan convinced George H. W. Bush to shut up about the voodoo.

The brilliant Texan DOE head, Rick Perry, speaking at a coal plant: “Here’s a little economics lesson: supply and demand. You put the supply out there and the demand will follow.”

Yes. There is an excess supply of coal in the United States. And by the rules of Republican economics, these heaping piles of oxidizing rock will, with a high five from the invisible hand, create demand! Where this demand will come from, without additional plants to burn the coal, and with the only “clean coal” plant in America just deciding that it won’t burn coal after all? No one knows. But it has to happen because … SUPPLY!

In explaining this “supply generates demand” rule, Rick Perry has given joy to every thirty-year old still harboring a box of pogs, every fifty year old still hanging on to those indie comics, my wife and her boxes of Beanie Babies in the basement, and that guy you know who is right now filling up a warehouse with fidget spinners.

Never let it be said that Republicans can’t bring hope. And honestly, it makes far more sense than Trump’s proposed tax policy.

(Thanks to the Daily Kos for this informative update on Republican economics. We should all be sleeping better tonight knowing the “adults” are in charge. Good God Almighty.)

carlin:stupid people.jpeg

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