Hey Trump voters, a word?

Let’s start by me being up front about this: If you voted for this orange thing, I don’t respect you. I don’t like you. I have no need to “understand” the reasons you voted for this poor excuse for a human being. I have no need to go spelunking in the murky depths of your stupidity and self-interest.

But I’m curious.

I assume you’re OK with his admitting to being a sexual predator. With his long record of screwing his vendors across all of his businesses. With his bankruptcies that left small businesses unpaid and screwed. With his bragging that he was “smart” for not paying his taxes. With his admission he ran a fraudulent “University” and paying a $25 million fine. With his mocking the disabled. With his bragging about how easy it was to walk in on teenage girls while they were dressing for pageant events because “I own it so I can do what I want.” With his pathological lying. With his bullying ordinary people on his Twitter feed. With his encouragement of violence at his rallies. With his cozying up to white nationalists, including putting one of them in the White House as his advisor. With his colluding with the Russians to throw the election. And on and on.

I assume you’re good with all of that. Because all that was happening before the election. And you still voted for him.

But now—five weeks after the election—are you OK with his still refusing to show you his tax records after he promised he would? Are you OK with his reversing his campaign promises to you on the “big, beautiful” border wall, on repealing the ACA, on putting Goldman Sachs guys in his cabinet—THREE of them? After he made speech after speech right to your faces that he was going to drain the swamp and get Wall Street out of your way? After he told you, loudly, that Hillary should be disqualified from running for President because she accepted payment for speeches to these same guys? You good with that?

Are you fine with his promising to have a press conference with Melania where she would thoroughly explain her history before she immigrated to the U.S., then canceling it and not mentioning it again? With his promise to hold a press conference December 15th to explain how he was going to take care of all his financial and business conflicts before his inauguration, then canceling it and not setting a date to do just that? You OK with that?

You good with his handing over his financial empire to his kids? You think foreign governments won’t find a thousand ways to hold this country hostage by leveraging his business interests against what they want from his administration? You think large tower hotels with his name on them won’t be targets for terrorists?

You think he won’t do everything he can to make money off being President? You OK with that?

You OK with Trump looking into the camera and asking the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails? And now we find out they did, and he doesn’t give a shit that it happened and evidence has surfaced that he probably colluded with Putin to do it? Is that all right with you?

Are you OK with his nomination of the Exxon CEO to Secretary of State after that same CEO brokered a $500 billion oil deal with Putin and was given Russia’s highest honor for foreigners, the Medal of Friendship? Are you OK with his National Security advisor Flynn turning over classified documents to Pakistan and Afghanistan during wartime? After being an outspoken “lock her up” critic of Clinton at Trump’s rallies? That good with you?

Let’s do an update in a week or two, I’m sure I’ll have more questions for you to consider. It would be so comforting to hear some well-considered responses, because most of us are fucking gob-smacked that we’re still hearing Trump voters defend this goddam criminal.

Give us a few reasons to sleep better at night.

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